Every time you interact with Petes Deals as a registered user you Earn Petes Points. This points are exchanged for cash at the end of every month and every year aswell as other great incentives.

What can i get

The top 5 Pete points earners every month get £500 cash each.

The top 100 Petes points earners every month get entered into a exclusive competition to win a prize of a value not less than £5000. If you have 500 points you get 500 entries and the winners are drawn exclusively from Petes Points earners.

The top 5 Pete Points earners over a year earn £5000 each.

How do I get points

When you register you get 100 points

When you navigate the site you get 5 points per page

When you post in our competitions forum you get 100 points.

There are also other great bonus points as you use the site.

So good luck your points are displayed on the left hand side of the screen when you login.

Current Petes Points top 10

Position User Registering
1 Avatar grdnp003 (Silver contributer) 2800
2 Avatar ukraines (Silver contributer) 410
3 Avatar Lsea2017 (Silver contributer) 175
4 Avatar SARAH35 (Silver contributer) 175
5 Avatar chapgirl93 (Silver contributer) 165
6 Avatar Nmcintosh (Silver contributer) 150
7 Avatar debndave999 (New Contributer) 145
8 Avatar dizzidi (New Contributer) 140
9 Avatar Wendysum66 (New Contributer) 135
10 Avatar Salsavory (New Contributer) 135
Position User Registering
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